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Gain a Deep Insight on Canada Single-Entry and Multiple-Entry Visitor Visas

Canada Single-Entry and Multiple-Entry VisaFrom years immemorial, Canada tops the list as a best tourist destination that is surrounded by resplendent natural attractions, landscapes, beautiful countryside, snow covered provinces, historical monuments, cosmopolitan cities and many others. Every year, thousands of individuals from across the globe visit Canada to enjoy its staggering natural attractions and umpteen number of career and employment prospects offered by its institutions and organizations. 

Canada is referred to as a traditional and cultural mosaic, where one sixth of its entire population comprises of overseas applicants. Its lucrative career options, socioeconomic structure and stringent immigration laws make most overseas applicants to come to Canada for residing, visiting and working. An overseas national mulling on to move to this prosperous nation can make use of the temporary and permanent entry visas offered by its country. Applicants willing to stay in the country for a small duration of time or aspiring to move for working or studying for a certain period of time can make use of the temporary entry Canada visitor visa to have a joyful itinerary. 

Canada Visitor Visa

A visitor is an applicant who is permitted to stay in the country legally on temporarily basis. Overseas individuals such as students, workers as well as tourists who are moving to the country for short stay can enjoy a temporary resident permit offered by its country. In general there, are two types of visitor/temporary resident visas such as single entry and multiple entries. 

Difference between Canada Single and a Multiple Entry Visa

Multiple Entry Visa: A multiple entry visa permits an overseas individual to enter and live from Canada for the duration of six months at a time, without a need to reapply each time. This visa allows an applicant to arrive in the nation several times before their visa gets expired. If your passport gets expired, make sure to renew it before to apply for a visitor visa. A multiple entry visa is recommended for an individual who wish to visit the Canada frequently. This visa is valid for upto ten years.

Single Entry Visa: This visa lets an overseas applicant to enter the country only once. On your arrival to the nation, concerned representatives of the country will make sure that you meet the basic Canada visitor visa requirements to enter the country. Under this single entry visa, an overseas applicant is permitted to stay in the country for not more than six months. Once you leave the country, you need to apply for a new visa to re-enter Canada.  

If you hold a visa which is valid for duration of six months and travelling directly or only to US including its territories or Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, you need not obtain a new visitor visa to enter Canada. Make use of a Canada visitor visa to fulfill your long term aspirations at a faster pace. 

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