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Canada Tourist Visa Requirements Canada is one of the most beautiful destinations for tourists .The nation is known for its immeasurable beauty with National parks and geographical diversity. Million people across the globe visit Canada to experience the beauty of the nation.

Canada tourist visa requirements

Individuals who intend visit Canada for tourism must fulfill the following criteria for Canada tourist visa requirements.

  • Must have a valid travel documents such as passport
  • Must have good health conditions
  • Must be able to convince an immigration officer that you have ties with your home country in the form of job, financial property, family, home etc.
  • ?Must be able to support oneself financially during the period of residence

Besides, there will be Canada tourist visa requirements of following things:

  • Depending on the citizenship of the applicant there may be a necessity of temporary resident visa
  • Must go through medical examination
  • An invitation letter from someone who resides in Canada

Canada tourist visa application process

An application for Canada tourist visa can be applied online or through paper. Applicants are required to give their biometric information while applying. 

Applications in persons have to be submitted at the nearest visa application center.  However, when applying for a tourist visa from inside United States it has to be done online.

After the submission of the application the visa officer will ensure that everything is complete and all the necessary documents are submitted. A visa officer will determine an interview and will let you know about the place and time.

If the visa is approved the passports and the documents will be sent to you along with your Canada tourist visa.

Canada tourist visa processing time

The processing time for Canada tourist visa varies from one country to other based on the location of visa offices.

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