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Canada Welcomes Skilled Immigrants Through Permanent Residency
Posted on: 06 Jul 2015  |   Tags: Canada , Permanent residency , PR ,

Canada Permanent Resident Visa

One of the famous destinations for Indians is Canada. From among the students to the professionals most of them prefer to immigrate to Canada and begin their life again in this land of exposure and opportunities. The immigration to Canada from India has been the highest among the skilled workers who want to work and make their future in this country and also the dependents who want to join the members of the families which are internationally settled. Canada’s immigration is the best and the easiest way for those who want to start their career abroad.

What is Canadian PR?

In order to provide the necessities of immigration, the government has launched most of the Canadian visas enabling the migrant to obtain immigration’s dual benefit that is the individual can satisfy his motives of immigration and also be eligible for the PR of Canada. The Permanent Residency in Canada paves the way for citizenship. Some of the visas are:

  •  Federal skilled worker visa
  •  Quebec skilled worker visa
  •  Provincial nominee program
  •  Family immigration

All these visas are of different types and consist of certain requirements and norms in order to make the applicant eligible for immigration to Canada from India.

The federal skilled worker visa is an invitation for the foreign workers who want to work as well as settle in Canada. The Quebec skilled worker visa enables the foreign workers to work and to settle in the Quebec province. The visa of Quebec does not demand the employment offer of Canada’s employer but if it is the case of federal skilled worker visa, an employment offer is needed to make the individual eligible for the Canada immigration.

Express Entry is one way for inviting the candidates who want to migrate and apply for being a Permanent Residency of Canada. The family immigration visa is the other way of Canada’s immigration. Individuals whose immediate relatives are being settled in the maple leaf nation can migrate to Canada and gain the permanent residence through this visa. The applicant must sponsor her/his dependents and support them financially for living in Canada. Conjugal partner, husband/ wife, dependent children along with the children adopted or other relatives who are eligible such as grandparent/parent are covered through this category of visa.

Most of the individuals prefer and choose their destination as Canada. This results in more number of applications of visa in Canada which has led to opening up the figure of processing of the visa consultants in every corner and nook of India. So, it is advised to prefer the one who is wise consultant and has the ability to process your visa easily.

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