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Canada Work Permit Ensures Easy Entry to Canada

Canada Work Permit VisaInterested to work in Canada? Pondering on how to get Canada Work Permit? Well, read on to find the job prospects and know more about Canada Work Permit.

Why Canada?

Canada has some of the best employment opportunities in the world and the country is a home to skilled professionals. The country boasts of high living standards and attracts thousands of skilled workers with its booming economy.

Canada Work Permit:

Canada Work Permit is outlined to assist employers who are facing difficulty to find local workers who can address the skill shortages in key areas. Employers need to prove to immigration authorities of Canada that they have tried to recruit local workers to plug the skill gap. If employers do not get the right candidate after advertising the post then they can file an application for a foreign national to join them and acquire the necessary Canada work permit. Employers also need to furnish number of documents to prove that they are genuine Canadian employers.

Who can get Canada Work Permit?

Candidates who get a job offer from a Canadian employer are eligible to apply for Canada work permit. In addition to this, your skills, qualifications and work experience will be evaluated to make sure that you are the right person and the company is going to pay a good wage.  

A New Way to Get Canada Work Permit:

Starting from 2015, people can create Expression of Interest to enter the pool of talent looking to reside and work in Canada. This will help applicants offer Canada Work Permits to the most suitable candidates quickly and also provide an opportunity to the Canadian employers a chance to choose the best people. However, you need to abide by certain requirements such as police checks, IELTS, educational qualifications and so on.     

Work Permits are a great option for you to gain work experience that you need to proceed further to become a citizen. Even though work permits are temporary, most people see that Canada Work Permit is a perfect route to settle in Canada.

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