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Canadian Business Visa:

Canadian Business VisaIf an applicant for a Canadian business visa is intending to visit Canada for the sake of his/her business in Canada, then a separate business visa is not necessary and an ordinary ‘visitor visa’ would suffice. Thus, if an applicant Canadian business visa is seeking to visit Canada for a short-term period to grow his/her business or invest in a business or to further develop his/her business relationships, then he/she would have to apply for a visitor visa to come into Canada. This type of visa is simply a temporary resident visa.

Canadian Business Visa Application:

Canadian Business Visa ApplicationTo be granted/given a Canadian business visa, the applicant would have to show or demonstrate that he/she plans to stay in Canada for less than half a year, does not intend to or plan on seeking employment and that his/her primary place/venue of business in not in Canada, but elsewhere. He/she would also have to show that he/she meets Canada’s basic requirements such as a valid travel document e.g. a passport, enough to support himself/herself while in that country, a definite intention to leave Canada after his/her visit has ended, and that he/she does not constitute a security, or, criminal, or, health risk to the country. Under business activities in Canada, a great many other activities are also include and these are, for example, purchasing Canadian goods or services for an alien entity, fulfilling purchase orders from a Canadian entity, attending conferences, meetings, trade fair, or conventions, etc. provision of after-sales service, undergoing training from a parent Canadian company, training employees of a Canadian branch whose parent company is elsewhere, undergoing training from a company which has sold its equipment or services to the business in question.

Canadian Business Visa Requirements:

Canadian Business Visa RequirementsAlso, if the applicant for Canada business visa needs a temporary residence visa of Canada, he/she must receive some documents such as a formal ‘letter of invitation’ from his/her business partner and 24-hr contact details of that business partner, which he/she needs to send to the immigration authority as part of his/her business visa application. An application for a Canadian business visa can be made online or on paper. For both of them, the application process involves answering questionnaires, paying fees, submitting supporting documentation, etc. An applicant can also check the processing time of his/her application online. An applicant for a Canadian business visa might need a travel document such as a valid passport or a certificate of identity. And, the applicant’s visa is processed by a visa officer at the consulate where he/she applied. Such a process involves checking the authenticity of the documents sent, whether all of the documents required, have been sent, etc. Sometimes, a medical exam may also be necessary, if the relevant authority decides so.

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