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Canadian Invites To Join Online Consultation On Immigration

In an exceptional move, certain stakeholders and the Canadian public have been supportive to submit their ideas on immigration to an online consultation website. The site had been launched by Canada’s Immigration Minister Mr. Jason Kenney on the 21st June, and will run until 31st August. Mr. Kenney launched the scheme by stating the importance of immigration for the country’s economic growth and prosperity. He wanted the Canadian people to have their say. Since the last decade, Canada is encouraging immigration on a high scale in order to ensure that its ageing population does not result in a shortage of skilled workers. Canadian business is encouraging increased immigration because of the need for skilled workers, particularly in the northern part of the vast country. Canada Immigration The employment sector is seen as stakeholders in Canada. They have been invited to give their views along with the professional and business associations, trade unions, aboriginal groups, the academic sector, ethnocultural groups and municipal councils. The site was launched to check the poll regarding the ideas on immigration. However, the poll also disclosed that the younger Canadians, those who had higher qualification along with the city dwellers were more likely to accept the higher rates of immigration than those people in the other groups. Since the beginning of the current year, Canada’s search for immigrants is on a high-profile feature at the jobs fairs Ireland and UK. This is attracting a high number of applicants.

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