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Canada Business VisitorCanada is a place which is on top of every immigrant’s list. A lot of individuals seek for immigration here every year because it has primarily, a strong economy which is a major plus factor for anyone willing to relocate to this great nation. Canada is a land of opportunities and a nation where you have umpteen number of scope to enhance your business. However, to start your business in this country, you must first get hold of a Canada business visa.

Canada Business Visa:

In Canada, the Canada business visa allows some groups of people to enter the country to perform some trade activity or to carry out business without the need for a Canada work permit. A Canada business visitor can come to Canada as many times as possible, depending on their activities. He or she is someone who falls into one of these categories:-

  • Employees of foreign companies who contract firms in Canada
  • Trainers and trainees which includes intra-company training
  • Caregivers and personal attendants
  • After-sales service providers
  • People who come here to attend board of directors meeting

Additionally, the business visitor should also meet these criteria:-

  • Their primary source of employment is outside Canada
  • Their principal source of payment is from outside Canada
  • The growth of their employer’s profits are situated outside Canada

Canada Business Visitor: 

  • They must have no intention of getting employed in Canada. In other words, they will not be able to find themselves employed by a Canadian employer during their entire stay.
  • They should engage in cross-border activity which has scope of an international kind.

Apart from all the above prerequisites, it is important to know that if a Canadian visa officer distinguishes you as international workers instead of business visitors, then you will have to require a work permit to Canada. So, it is wise to keep all your documents handy so that you can get the Canada work permit soon.

Also, depending upon the applicant’s country of origin, he or she may need to apply for a Canada Temporary Resident Visa. The TVR visa should be obtained before arriving in Canada.

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