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Education Numbers Increasing in Canada

Last week, Statistics Canada released figures regarding the education and labour rates from its 2011 National Household Survey. It looks like the residents of Brant and Haldimand-Norfolk are becoming more educated when compared to the census numbers in the year 2006. In some cases,  the rates are faster than the rest of the province. Canadian province ensures that immigration to Canada leads to quality education. The National Household Survey is a voluntary survey which is replaced by the National Census in the year 2011. Jobs in canada Number of people without any certificate, degree or diploma specially those who have not completed their high school or post-secondary education has decreased by 27% in Haldimand-Norfolk and 15% in Brant when compared to 2006, outpacing Ontario which was decreased by 14%. Development of knowledge and trade training is more of a mixed bag. Ontario had a decrease of 6 % in the working age population with the help trades training and Haldimand-Norfolk had a decrease of 8%. There was an increase in Brant by 7% with trades training. Now there are many colleges and universities in Canada. Brant, Haldimand-Norfolk and Ontario had a remarkable increase with the number of people having college and university education. With  student visa  students can have various fields to choose which includes Science, Technology, Engineering and related technologies and Mathematics and Computer Science. These are highlighted as the most important economic growth sectors for the community. Both Haldimand-Norfolk and Brant are ahead of the provincial average when it comes to people who studied health care, protective and transportation services. With the growth of number of immigrants, studying in Canada has lead to the increase in post-secondary options in the area along with the increase in high school, college and university graduates. The City of Brantford gears up as a Smart Cities initiative, the numbers revealed by the census will highlight the areas of strength along with the areas where improvement especially when compared to the other communities in Canada. Education Works and various services offered by community agencies and non-profits highlight the continuing interest in education in both Haldimand-Norfolk and Brant By combining interest community members can work together to have more educated workforce. This will help to make the communities stronger and competitive in the coming years. Education Works Alliance is a community group dedicated to building prosperity through education, training and lifelong learning. The group's mandate will raise the literacy, education and skill levels of Grand Erie residents. Canadian immigration will increase the opportunities for employment which will lead to the economic development.

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