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Education Overseas in CanadaCanada is the second largest country in the world. With a multicultural and cosmopolitan outlook, it is home to people of different races and backgrounds. Apart from the multiple places that one can visit in Canada, what brings people to this country is its world-class education. Students from all over the globe enroll themselves in one of the many renowned universities and colleges here.

The immigrants are exposed to a wide variety of culture and ethnicity in Canada. Most of them migrate to Canada to enjoy the peace and tranquility that is prevalent in Canada and to explore new skills like learning English and French languages. This mixed culture is exhibited in the spread of cuisine and cultural activities which take place throughout the year.

Study in Canada

In order to move to Canada for pursuing higher education, you should first make up your mind about which educational institute you wish to enroll in. Once decided, if you lack information you should get in touch with the institution of your choice directly or take the assistance of an expert counselor who can advice you with the information on Canada’s best education options.

The Post-Graduate Work Permit is given on the basis of your academic records, test scores in GRE, TOEFL, financial stability and extracurricular interests. Applying to the university or college of your choice is an important step because every school has different set of requirements. So, the sooner you apply, the better, keeping some factors such as cost for applying and appearing for various entrance tests, living expenses and health insurance. The Canadian government doesn’t cover the medical costs of abroad students.

Once the letter of acceptance is received by the student, he or she should apply for a student permit visa. The time for this usually varies. Make sure that the study program you are opting for is for more than six months, else you will fail to get a permit. You should also be able to finish the course during the time you are allowed to stay in Canada.

Canada Student Visa Requirements

  • Admission letter from the chosen university, school or college
  • Test scores (GRE and TOEFL)
  • Sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay in Canada

Once your graduation is complete, you have the option of working in Canada as a skilled worker. Being a  full-time student of Canada, one can earn while studying by working for 20 hours in a week on campus. Canada education is relatively cheaper. That’s why more and more students are opting for it.

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