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Canada Tourist VisaAre you got stress with your hectic schedule of work? Have you decided to take a break by touring abroad? Then, the best option would be to visit Canada. Canada is not only a leading immigration destination but also an attractive tourist destination. With an attractive natural wonders such as the Niagara Falls, Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks, Dinosaur Provincial Park, etc., Canada has become a most preferred destination for overseas visitors. However, it is necessary to have a Canada Visitor Visa in order to enter the country.

Canada Tourist Visa:

Canada Tourist Visa or visit visa is a short term visa granted for overseas individuals as a permit to enter Canada. Canadian visitor visas allow foreign nationals to visit and reside in the country for a period up to six months. By applying for a Canadian visit visa and acquiring it successfully, individuals will get a chance to visit Canada for temporary purposes such as medical treatment, business trip, holiday and others.

Requirements for Canada Tourist Visa:

Overseas individuals who would like to visit Canada for short period of time have to apply for a Canada tourist visa or visit visa. However, individuals need to meet the certain requirements in order to obtain a Canada Visitor Visa. The following are the some of the Canada visit visa requirements for Indians and other country nationals.
  • Valid passport with an at least six months validity period
  • The proof of employment that demonstrates that a individual return to the native land after the trip. The proof can be, verification document from an employer about salary and duration of employment or employment contract, leave approval letter from employer and statements of salary
  • For self employed individuals business license or registration is required
  • Enough finance to survive in Canada on Canada visitor visa
  • Invitation letter or affidavit of support from friend or family member
  • Evidence of immigration status of inviter such as Canada PR, passport, work or study permit, citizenship card or others
  • Return tickets
Applicants who fill the requirements can lodge a Canadian visa application. While lodging the visa application, individuals must submit all the documents listed in Canada visa checklist.

Features of Canada Tourist Visa:

The following are the some of the benefits of visiting Canada:
  • Can visit and reside in Canada for six months period
  • Can travel across the country
  • Can visit leading tourist attractions of Canada 
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