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Canada Entrepreneur Visa The Canada visas for Entrepreneurs allow the foreign business person to live and work in Canada on a permanent basis. Canada Entrepreneur visa for which is issued by the Canadian government gives an opportunity to the foreign nationals who are willing to move or expand their business to Canada. The Entrepreneur visa for Canada along with the Canada immigration investor program and self employed immigrant visa is issued to the applicants who have the necessary skills to run a business. 

Benefits of Canada Entrepreneur Visa:

The Canada visas for Entrepreneurs are considered as a route for permanent residency in Canada. The applicant can live work and develop their business in Canada. The visa holder can work in Canada without possessing work permit which does not require a job offer from the Canadian employer. After living and working in Canada for three year the foreigner can apply for Canadian citizenship

Eligibility of Canada Entrepreneur Visa:

To be eligible for a Canadian Entrepreneur visa the applicant has to satisfy the qualifying criteria 
  • The applicant must have two years of business experience
  • Minimum net worth of 300,000 dollars CAD
  • Ownership
  • Medical and security checks 
  • Maintenance

Points Based Assessment:

The points based skills assessment is a mandatory for a foreigner applying for Canada Entrepreneur visa. The candidates who seek as permanent residents are assessed and awarded points based on their 
  • Business experience 
  • Education qualification
  • Language skill
  • Dependents 
  • Adaptability 
The applicants must secure a minimum point’s threshold of 35.

Required Documents for Canada Entrepreneur Visa:

  • Generic application form
  • Background declaration
  • Additional dependents/declarations
  • Supplementary information
  • Declaration of intent to reside in Quebec 
  • Business immigrants - investors and Entrepreneurs to Quebec
  • Additional family information
  • Use of a representative
  • Travel documents and passport 
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Identity and civil status documents 
  • Children’s information
  • Photo requirements 
  • Fee payment 
  • Mailing your application
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