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immigration-to-canada-from-indiaCanada is a country with a cosmopolitan outlook, steady economy and work and study opportunities in abundance. It is fast becoming the major hub for immigrants from across the globe. There are some very solid reasons for choosing to migrate to Canada. People migrating to Canada do so either because of the high standard of living, the world-class education available here, to enhance their professional career or a combination of all three. Whatever be the reason for the move, it is important to note that the Canada immigration process involves a lot of strict policies and conditions that should be met before you can enter into the country.

Top Four Tips for Migrating to Canada:

  • Choose to migrate to Canada for the right reasons
You can enter into Canada under various visa categories. Some of them are Canada student visa, Reunification visa, Skilled worker visa, Business visa or the temporary Canada visitor visa. Whatever be the reason for your immigration, you should sound convincing about it to the immigration authorities. If they find any loopholes, there are chances that your visa might get rejected.
  • Choose the right visa option for immigration to Canada
 Once you have decided on the purpose of migration, choose the best available visa option for yourself. There may be more than one visa type for the category that you choose. For instance, if working in Canada is on your mind, you have to choose a visa depending on the nature of your work. For applying under the skilled worker category, you need to choose Canada Federal Skilled Worker program (soon to evolve as the ‘Express Entry’ program).
  • Know the time limits for migrating to Canada
The time frame for approval varies for each Canadian visa. Depending on your category, the time frame for approval may vary anywhere between a couple of months to several years. Also be knowledgeable about the time frames within which you need to any correspondence by the immigration authorities. Some visas like the visit visa take a short time for processing.
  • Fill the application form carefully
Be very cautious while filling your application forms as even minor flaws like spelling errors or major blunders like incorrect information can lead to unnecessary delays and even rejection of your visa. Also, enclose the relevant documents with your application. If you are unsure of any visa processing details, take the help of a competent Canada immigration consultant who is approved by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

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