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Migrate to CanadaThe Self-Employed immigrant is a person who has plans to establish a business in Canada that will make a significant contribution for the growth of economy. The business should employ only Self-Employed applicant in its operations. Farmers, sports, personalities and the people who operate minor business in determined communities will fall under Canada Self-Employed immigrants. 

What Self-Employed Immigrants Can do? 

Self-Employed immigrants will be able to make exploratory visits to Canada, which allows them to explore opportunities along with finding out investigate costs, markets and additional sources of financing and services that are available from local, province and federal agencies.      

Self-Employed Immigrants Eligibility Criteria

Self-Employed applicants need to meet certain requirements such as:
  • Relevant experience in cultural activities or athletics and should be able to make a significant contribution to the cultural or athletic life after migrating to Canada
  • Experience in farm sector and should be able to buy and manage a farm in Canada 
  • Intend to be self-employed in Canada
  • Meet the selection criteria for Self-Employed immigrants
  • Satisfy medical, security and other conditions

What are The Selection Factors?

Self-Employed applicants will be assessed based on certain selection factors which include
  • Education 
  • Experience 
  • Language abilities 
  • Age 
  • Nature of adaptability
Self-Employed applicants need to score at least 35 points to immigrate to Canada as a business immigrant. 

Work Experience For Self-Employed Applicants

Relevant experience for a Self-Employed applicant indicates minimum two years of experience. This can be between the period starting five years prior to the day you lodge an application to the Canada immigration self employed program. The criteria for work experience differ from persons applying for cultural activities or athletics or farmers.  The applicants of Self-Employed immigrants will be given highest priority at the time of processing. 

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