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Migrate to Canada from IndiaPeople willing to immigrate to Canada from India are provided with wide variety of options with regards to studies, work or settlement. The nation proudly welcomes students, entrepreneurs and trained professionals all through the year. Ontario, British Columbia (BC), Toronto are some states of Canada, which have the highest indo-Canadian population. 

Know the Benefits of Immigrate to Canada from India

  • The Canadian permanent residents is benefit from the same rights and freedom as enjoyed by the citizens of Canada
  • According to the agreement of NAFTA, the  immigrants of the nation have an option to  extend their branches of business to United states also
  • After an individual resides and works in Canada on permanent residency for three years he or she will be allowed to acquire the citizenship. 

Significant pathways for Canada Immigration

Indian aspirants are made available with the following two major paths for Canada Immigration from India:
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP)

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program:

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program is aimed at skilled professionals planning to immigrate to Canada from India permanently to make a significant contribution to their economy. Applicants under this category are evaluated based on a points test. To be qualified under this program one is required to score minimum of 60 out of 100 points.  Age, education, language skills, adaptability and experience of employment are the various factors under which a candidate is evaluated. Besides, one has to prove that he or she is financially sufficient to support themselves as well as the accompanied family members.

Canada Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP):

Canada Immigration from India is possible through Canada Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP), which allows Canadian provinces to nominate the applicants willing to reside and work in any a specific province.  Each of the Provincial Nominee program is developed according to the specific need of each province or territory. People who are interested about Canada Immigration please fill out our MoreVisas Enquiry Form, and follow us @ Facebook, Twitter and Google+

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