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International students are the growing economic contributors of Canada

International students are the growing economic contributors of Canada. This is the sector in which the federal government and the education community are working together to promote Canada Immigration. The efforts are paying off, as the number of students from India alone, studying in college, has jumped from 1,500 to 8,000 over the last 4 years. According to the estimation of ACCC, the international education is worth $8.1 billion per year for the Canadian economy. Canada is a hot spot for immigration. People from around the world come here to study, work or visit. Since, many years Canada has been attracting students from around the world among which Brazil is one. Brazil is set to send around 1,200 students on government scholarships to Canada in the coming years. The flow of students from across the countries will increase. Here, the Government needs to speed up the visa process so that a large number of immigrants can come to Canada. The immigrants who come to Canada in search of jobs are well paid. They are appointed in some of the best companies and are provided various benefits, which are worth tens of thousands of dollars per individual. If the visa process heads fast, then more number of immigrants can come to Canada without any delays.

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