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Canada Work VisaCanada is an immigrant’s destination and a dreamer’s paradise for relocation. Known for its strong history of encompassing immigrants each year, this country is the apt place for moving in if you are considering immigration. The pleasant-natured inhabitants, the safe and secure environment, coupled with a backing of a robust economy, speak volumes about this great nation. People usually look to migrate here either for the purpose of studying in one of its top-notch destinations or for finding better job opportunities. If you are considering immigration to Canada for the purpose of work, you need to apply for a working visa.

Canada Immigration:

In order to live and work in Canada, it has been made imperative by the Canadian government that one should first apply for a working visa. In order to get a working visa, you first have to meet certain criteria as laid down by the Canadian government.

Requirements of Canada Work Visa:

If you are applying to work in Canada, you must first meet the below mentioned criteria:-

  • Eligibility Proof - An applicant must furnish proof that he or she is eligible for the job opportunity in question by meeting the minimum requirements. Correct documentation in the form of curriculum vitae (CV) and resume, relevant work experience and educational qualifications comes in handy.
  • Job Offer - In order for you to get a job offer in Canada, an employer must authorize you by handing a written job offer letter to you. This would prove that there is a legal job market having opportunities for job applicants from overseas to come to Canada and that the applicant’s entry into the country is on genuine grounds.
  • Identity Proof - This includes a valid travel document or a passport. This is vital to ensure that the applicants will return to their native country and do not intend to prolong their stay in Canada. Those applicants, who are applying from a country which is not their homeland, need to provide evidence of their present immigration status.
  • Criteria for entering - In certain cases, temporary resident visas or a passport will do. In case of the former, the applicant should visit the CIC which has a list of all the countries that require this type of visa.
  • Application fee payment - The government of Canada levies charges for working in Canada.

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