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Immigration to Canada Skilled Worker List:

Canada is one of the most beautiful and desirable countries in the world. The country is one among the largest countries in the world. The nationals of Canada are very friendly and encourage foreign internationals without any discrimination.  There are number of people who choose Canada not only for tourism but also for work and to settle in Canada. Canada is a stable country both politically and economically. The country allows the foreign skilled workers to take part in growing their country’s economy.  Canadian immigration has launched many skilled worker immigration programs for the foreign skilled to migrate to Canada. The Canadian employers are given to choose the foreign skilled if they feel the Canadian skilled worker is not applicable for the respective job. Immigration to Canada is granted if the skilled worker is successful in the skilled worker programs.  The foreign skilled worker has several options to consider. They have for any of the below program to make it through.  The foreign skilled workers who are seeking for a job from a Canadian employer may qualify for the fast track Canadian application process.  The foreign skilled workers are assessed on point’s base system which is based on 6 factors, which are 
  • Age 
  • Adaptability
  • Work experience 
  • Education 
  • Language proficiency
  • Employment in Canada 
The minimum number of points that has to be scored is 67 out of 100. Skilled workers who score points below 67 will not be qualified. 
  • 10 points for employment in Canada 
  • 10 points for adaptability
  • 12 points for age 
  • 15 points for work experience 
  • 25 points for  education 
  • 28 points for language proficienc
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