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Migrate to Canada as a Skilled WorkerCanada is a country where opportunities for an individual’s growth and development bloom. It is one of the best immigration destinations for people from overseas nations. Located in North America, this amazing country is a true blend of diversity in terms of multiculturalism. If you are looking for ways and means to immigrate to Canada in order to live and work there, you can do so through the Canada Skilled Worker (FSW) program. You can now gain entry into the country through Canada Express Entry System which was recently launched on 1 January, 2015.

Eligibility Requirements of Canada FSW Program:

In order to qualify for the Canada FSW program, you must have the following criteria:-

  • Should have a valid job offer
  • Possess work experience in at least one of the listed eligible occupations
  • Are a foreign student who has graduated from a PhD program in Canada within the last year or have finished a minimum of two years of your PhD program

Criteria of Work experience

Your work experience must be inclusive of the following factors:-

  • A minimum of a year’s continuous, full-time, or equivalent part-time paid job
  • Must work in any one of the following categories as listed under the Canadian NOC
  • The work experience should be within the last 10 years

Eligible Occupations under the National Occupational Classification:

Jobs as recognized by the NOC for the Canada FSW Program are listed below:-

  • Skill type 0- Management jobs (e.g. restaurant and mine managers)
  • Skill level A- Professional jobs (e.g. doctors, dentists, architects)
  • Skill level B- Technical jobs and skilled trades (e.g. chefs, electricians, plumbers)
  • Skill level C- Intermediate jobs (e.g. truck drivers, food and beverage servers)
  • Skill level D- Labor jobs (e.g. cleaning staff, fruit pickers)

Points-based System:

There are six categories under which you can score points. A total of 67 points needs to be obtained by an individual under the points-based test. These categories are as mentioned below:-

  • Education
  • English/French proficiency
  • Work experience 
  • Age
  • Valid job offer
  • Adaptability

Canada FSW Program Process:

In order to be eligible for the Canada FSW program, you must first create a profile online in Canada Express Entry system, started by the CIC. Additionally, you must take a language competency test in Canada’s official languages, have your educational credentials assessed by a recognized authority and know which skill type your work experience falls in under the NOC.

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