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Places to Visit CanadaCanada is a blend of people of different cultures and ethnicity. Canada is a sparsely populated country which is in contrast to its large land mass available. Canada has been a much-sought after country for visitors since it has some of the most popular tourist destinations. Enlisted here is a jist of the popular haunts to choose from and are must-visit indispensable spots once you migrate to Canada

5 Awesome Destinations in Canada:

Your Canada tourism is incomplete without paying these world-famous places a visit. 

  1. Niagara Falls: This astonishing waterfall speaks of majestic natural beauty. Situated in the Southern part of Ontario province, the Niagara Falls separates US from Canada. One part is located in New York and the other in Ontario. The falls is actually divided into three parts: the American falls, Bridal Veil and Horseshoe Falls. The Horseshoe Falls which comes under Canada is glorious, with a length of 2600 feet and a height of 167 feet.
  2. Whistler Mountain: Placed on the West Coast of Canada in British Columbia, Whistler is a hit among skiers, hikers, golfers and snowboarders as it has a very popular glacier here. There are actually two mountains situated here-one is the Blackcomb at 7,494 feet and the Whistler being 7,160 feet high. The Whistler village, ensconced at the base between both the mountains, provides tourists with all basic requirements for stay akin to a home. Championship golf courses and world class skiing are located a stone’s throw away. People find this region as an important reason for visiting Canada when the rest of the country is covered with snow.
  3. Butchart Gardens: It is located in Vancouver Island, on the west coast of British Columbia. It is spread over 50 acres and was initially the creation of the wife of one of BCs early industrialists. Created in 1904 with the intention of beautifying a rock quarry, this garden was named after Jennie Butchart who started it. It was recognized as a National Historic site of Canada in 2004. Victoria in BC is thus, rightly called the Garden City and gives tourists a wonderful reason to visit Canada.?
  4. Confederation Bridge: The Federation Bridge is the world’s longest bridge connecting the eastern provinces of Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. It is one of the top architectural feats of Canada, spanning 12.9 kilometer. Unlike other bridges, this bridge rests on the top of the ocean floor because of its heaviness.
  5. West Edmonton Mall: Situated centrally in Alberta, this shopping centre was once the largest shopping mall in the world but eventually dropped to the fifth position. However, it houses the largest indoor amusement park and other major attractions like the world’s largest indoor bungee tower.

The government of Canada has introduced various types of Canada visit visas for travelling Canada, an overseas nationals need to obtain any of the Canada visit visa in order to travel to the country. The following are the some of the major types

Types of Canada Visit visas:

  • Single entry visa
  • Multiple entry visa 
  • Transit visa 

The visit visas are valid for six months but can be extended further, three weeks prior to the expiry. A visitor should possess sufficient funds to support himself or herself during the stay and must refrain from engaging in any sort of employment during this time.

Apply for a Canada visit visa today in order to enjoy these happening places in Canada

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