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Passport Canada will not end. It is going to continue to exist in accordance with Service Canada and Citizenship and Immigration Canada from July 2, 2013, and beyond. With the help of this change, Canadians can continue to see familiar and trusted Passport Canada signs at the offices. The Passport office in Windsor will not be closing. The Canada's moving passport program for Citizenship and Immigration Canada made a good sense. This will result in improving services and make it more accessible for Canadians. MoreVisas Canada Passport This decision was based on an independent evaluation of passport program, which was completed a year ago. It concluded that the placing of passport program under CIC is the most timely and effective way to improve and modernize the passport services for Canadians. We are proud of the excellent services the Canadians have enjoyed Passport Canada. Now the Canadians will not experience any kind of interruption of service. They will continue to access the passport services on the same locations they previously did along with the same level of excellent service standards. With this decision, the locations that provide the passport services will grow more in number over time through Service Canada. This will also enable online applications at some point in the coming future. The immigrants and the Canadians will now agree that making access to passports in a more accessible, convenient and cost effective manner is the right move.

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