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Quebec Skilled Worker Program for Migration to Quebec and to Canada

Basic needs for Quebec skilled worker:

[caption id="attachment_2130" align="alignleft" width="300"]skilled worker skilled worker[/caption] Quebec has its separate/individual program pertaining to the immigration of skilled workers known as ‘Quebec skilled worker’ program. Thus, it has its separate and independent set of rules for choosing immigrants who in its opinion are suitable for it and will adjust best to its living conditions. Thus, of course, to allow people to migrate based on this ‘skilled worker program’, it has a program which will enable it to decide which applicants/candidates to choose and which to ignore/reject. This initial but important process/step will thus provide a successful applicant with the Certificat de sélection du Québec (i.e. CSQ, in short). Then, after that, or further to that, there is also one other/more requirement which is that the applicant must also apply and go through the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada), which is the department of the federal government which is also concerned with immigration matters (‘immigration to Canada) and which also has to adjudicate on the applicant’s case and decide on the applicant’s case for immigration. After the successful completion of both of these procedures and processes (‘Quebec’s skilled worker program and CIC’s immigration program for immigration to Canada), an applicant can migrate to Quebec and Canada as a skilled worker.

Eligibility for Quebec skilled worker program:

And, the Quebec government uses a detailed application form through which it gauges the applicants who apply to its ‘skilled worker program’ (i.e. the ‘Quebec skilled worker program’) which is immigration-oriented. The first important thing to note is that there are some pre-requisites for the program. These are that the applicant for the skilled Quebec skilled worker program and for immigration to Canada must be able and willing to settle in Quebec with the primary aim of working there, possess atleast one diploma, must also have suitable training and relevant occupational skills that will aid, help, assist etc. the applicant’s assimilation into the job market. In addition, Quebec’s skilled worker application program also has a points-based scheme and preferences, etc. The points are awarded based on many criteria such as schooling, work experience, age, ability and fluency in French and English languages and the applicant must obtain a high enough score (this criterion being decided by the Quebec government)

Application for CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada):

[caption id="attachment_2131" align="alignright" width="300"]Canada immigration Canada immigration[/caption] Further to obtaining the status of being a Quebec’s skilled worker, the applicant has to apply to CIC, Canada to be able to immigrate to Canada. For that, a separate procedure and process needs to be followed and a separate application form needs to be filled up. The following outlines some of the information asked for in the application form for migration to Canada through the Quebec skilled worker program. Some of the principal information that is sought in the application form and that needs to be filled pertains to ‘jobs held’, ‘period of unemployment’, ‘study information’, ‘information relating to vacations’, etc. Also, information pertaining to family members, travel, proof of proficiency of language, identity and civil status documents, police certificates and clearances and much more are sought and examined. All in all, then, the immigration to Canada’ through the ‘Quebec skilled worker program’ is a two-step process and is also elaborate, but all of this is more than compensated when an applicant is able to migrate to that province (Quebec) and to Canada. You can also have a look on Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker Program too.

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