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Canada Self Employed VisaFiling an application for Canada Self Employed Visa? Want to know details regarding self employed visa? Well, you are at right place. This article is intended to provide full information on Canada Self Employed Visa.

Canada Self Employed Visa:

Canada Self Employed Visa is a business category visa that permits applicants with relevant experience to immigrate to work in Canada on permanent basis. Applicants who are interested to immigrate to Canada should be intended to set up their own business in the country. Applicants who are having relevant experience in farm management, athletics and cultural activities are eligible to apply for Canada Self Employed Visa. It is a part of the Canadian Business Immigration Program similar to Canadian Entrepreneur Visa and Investor Visa. Foreign nationals who wish to immigrate to Canada through Self Employed Visa need to contribute to the growth of the country’s economy.

Canada Self Employed Visa Eligibility Criteria:

Applicants who wish to apply for Canada Self Employed Visa needs to satisfy certain requirements which include:

  • The experience of the applicant must be at world class level in cultural activities or athletics or farm management.
  • Applicants of Self Employed Visa need to qualify in points based system in which applicant’s eligibility is evaluated against certain factors, which include education, language skills, experience, age and nature of adaptability.
  • Applicants along with their dependent family members need to qualify in medical exam along with security and criminal checks.
  • Canada Self Employment Visa applicants need to sufficient funds to meet their expenses and their family members while they stay in the country.  

Canada Self Employment Visa Points Based System:

Applicants of Canada Self Employment Visa need to attain at least 35 points in points based system. Points can be scored based on certain factors which include educational qualifications, business experience, age criteria, language proficiency and adaptability nature.

Canada Self Employment Visa Benefits:

Individuals holding Canada Self Employed Visa will be able to stay in the country as a permanent resident, where they can enjoy all the rights of a citizen. If the applicants reside in Canada for a period of three years, they can apply for Canadian citizenship.

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