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What are the requirements for Canada Quebec Skilled Worker Program ?

Canada Quebec Skilled Worker ProgramQuebec, as province of Canada has a special contract with Canadian government for immigration in order to migrate to Canada to settle in Quebec. The province of Canada follows its own rules and different eligibility criteria along with method of evaluation in selecting skilled immigrants. Basically Quebec skilled worker is structured to specify which aspirants are probably and efficient upon immigration to Canada province, Quebec. Canada Quebec skilled worker program paves way to migrate to Canada province, Quebec. By using Quebec Skilled Workers Program individuals can apply for Canada PR depending on their skills, education and their ability of contributing to the Quebec economy. According to the current Quebec skilled worker program, no employment offer is required to apply for this program.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program Requirements:

Quebec skilled worker program is equivalent to Federal Skilled Worker Program, which leads to Canada Immigration. However, to migrate to Canada province through Quebec skilled worker program applicants need to meet the following requirements.
  • To apply for a Quebec skilled worker initially applicants need to apply for the Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ or Certificat de sélection du Québec).
  • Apply to Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration (CIC) for Canada PR
  • Applicants must be conversant in English and French languages
  • Financially capable to support themselves and family members. 

Quebec Skilled Worker Program Processing Times:

After fulfilling the necessary requirements applicants can apply for the Quebec skilled worker program. The visa processing time is subjected to change and mostly it depends on the applicants’ profile.  

Quebec Skilled Worker Program Points Calculator:

Since, Quebec skilled worker program is one of the skilled Canada Immigration scheme applicants must undergo a point based test where they need to score minimum pass points. For a non-married or single individual minimum points required is 55 points counting Adaptability, married couple or people with  conjugal  or common-law partner should score at least 63 points, further 6 points are awarded upon the Adaptability interview. Selection process depends on the aspects such as language proficiency, children, experience, education/training adaptability, financial self-sufficiency, spouse characteristics family in Quebec and age.  People who are interested in this program, can fill out MoreVisas Enquiry form, and also follow us @ Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

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