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Requirements of Canada Visit Visa for Visiting Canada

Canada Visit VisaCanada is the second largest nation across the globe and the country has amazing geographical variety that tempts number of travelers to visit Canada. Previously, more than 16 million visitors entered Canada on Canada Visit Visa. Excluding Canadians and Canada Permanent Residents all other nationals needs consent and to visit Canada on Canada visa. Individuals who would like to visit Canada for a temporary reason, such as temporary foreign workers (work permits), tourists global students (study permits) should apply for Canada Visit Visa. 

Canada Visit Visa Requirements:

Canada Visit Visa is a temporary visa, which is used by overseas nationals for visiting Canada temporarily either for sightseeing or meeting closed ones for a period of six months. Below are the some of the requirements for Canada Visit Visa
  • Valid passport
  • Evidence should be produced that confirms applicants return ticket to their homeland such as:
  1. Proof from employer about applicants salary and duration of employment or employment agreement.
  2. Leave approval letter from employer.
  3. Salary statements
  • Business license for self employed applicants
  • Personal finance proof
  • Affidavit or letter of invitation that shows the support of family members or friends. 
  • Evidence of migration status of inviter
  • Applicants without any invitation must submit thorough schedule including proof of air ticket and hotel booking.

Canada Visit Visa Application Form:

Applicants who fulfilled the requirements can apply for the Canada Visit Visa by filling the Canada Visit visa application form with all the proper details carefully either through online or offline and submit it to the embassy. 

Canada Visit Visa Process:

The Canada Visit visa process begins after the submission of the visa application successfully. The processing time for Canada visa is subjected to change. In most of the times it depends on the applicants’ profile. If you are interested to visit Canada, please fill out MoreVisas Enquiry form, and also follow us @ Facebook, Google+, Twitter

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