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Canadian Visas to Migrate to CanadaPlanning to migrate to Canada? Want to know the types of visas available to migrate to Canada? Here, you can get an overview of major Canada visas. Canada is one of the most popular destinations for various purposes such as work, study and sightseeing. Every year more than 250,000 people immigrating to Canada not only for tourism but even for good career opportunities. 

To Work with Canadian Authorization, there are two Options

  • You can travel to Canada either by applying for Canadian work permit for working in Canada temporarily or by
  • Also you can migrate to Canada by Canada permanent residence visa to work

General Requirements for Canada Immigration:

Following are the requirements that are necessary for Canada Immigration:

  • Must have a valid passport along with the necessary educational documents
  • Applicants should fulfill necessary character and health requirements.
  • Should possess sufficient funds to travel and stay in Canada.
  • And the person who is not under any state of affairs

Different Work Permits and Work Visas to Migrate to Canada:

  • A Canadian work permit can be obtained by an individual only if he or she has a valid offer of employment before applying for Canadian work permit. The employer must confirm the position of the foreigner stating that he or she is suitable to apply for Canadian working visa to human resources development Canada (HRDC).
  • Another visa named, provisional nomination visa is similar to work visa, but restricted only to particular Canadian province to work and stay. Under provincial nominee class, aspirants can become permanent residents based on their capability they are entitled to apply for a Canadian citizenship On the other hand a visa named Federal Skilled Worker Visa gives complete freedom for an individual to stay and work in Canada permanently. Federal Skilled Worker Visa is a permanent visa that allows overseas nationals to work and reside in Canada permanently.  

Canada is a land of abundant opportunities with economic prosperity, affordable education options, health care, fresh water supplies and secure environment. Thus, more number of migrants choose to opt Canada as their dream destination, the Canadian federal are consistently upgrading their visa programs to ensure successful immigrations to overseas.  

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