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Visiting Canada – Some Basic ‘Eligibility Criteria’, Rules, etc.
Posted on: 20 Feb 2014  |   Tags: tourist visa , tourist visa to visit Canada , visit Canada ,

Beautiful places of Canada:

[caption id="attachment_2071" align="alignleft" width="300"]The-Low-Head-lighthouse-canada The Low Head lighthouse canada[/caption]   Canada in general and British Columbia and Vancouver in particular are beautiful places. Vancouver specifically and specially is known to have great (mild and enjoyable) weather all round the weather even though it does rain frequently whichever the season. Canada has everything a visitor looks for and so do the province of BC and the city of Vancouver – lush green forests, thick impenetrable woods, wildlife, waterfalls, snow, mountains, rivers, and much more. So, why wait? Go ahead and discover what the country of Canada, the province of BC and the city of Vancouver have to offer to you.

How to get Visitor Visa to Canada:

[caption id="attachment_2072" align="alignright" width="300"]canada Canada[/caption]   But, to visit Canada or just the province of BC or only the fascinating city of Vancouver, you would need a ‘tourist visa. There are some/many rules and regulations pertaining to this visitor’s visa and who is eligible to receive/hold it. According to the prevailing rules pertaining to a  visitor visa, citizens of some countries do need to have a tourist visa issued to them to visit Canada, while those of just a few of the countries (a small number of them) are exempt from this requirement. Thus, for example, while, citizens of India and Indians would definitely need a visitor’s visa to visit Canada, the citizens of USA, or even those who hold only/just the permanent residency status of USA are exempted from this very important requirement.

Rules and Regulations for Visitor Visa:

[caption id="attachment_2073" align="alignleft" width="300"]Canada Tourism Canada Tourism[/caption] According to the visitor visa rules, regulations, etc. of Canada, to visit Canada (applicable to the ‘visa non-exempt countries‘ such as India), you need to satisfy certain minimum rules and eligibility criteria. Some of these criteria are that you need to have a passport, have (or, be in) good health, be able to convince the official at the Canadian consulate in the home/your country that you have strong ties to your native country by way of a job (i.e. the job you are holding), your finances, family ties, etc. Also, a crucial condition is that you need to convince the consulate official that you intend to return to your native country and return from/leave Canada at the end of your stay period. And, of course, as indicated above, it is very important to convey to and convince the visa issuing official issuing the tourist visa to you, is that you fulfill the requirements as regards (or, that you meet the requirements as regards) sufficient finances and funds for and during your entire stay in that country. So, the above are some basic but primary requirements and eligibility criteria and rules and regulations governing the tourist visa to visit Canada.

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