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Canada Permanent ResidencyCanada is a land of excellent opportunities and every year hundreds and thousands of people prefer to apply Canada permanent resident card. In fact, each year an increased number of applicants successful obtain Canada permanent residents. Most of the people, especially from developing countries move to Canada by applying Canada permanent residency in order to experience high standard of living and get better career opportunities. After obtaining permanent residency in Canada , overseas nationals can enjoy various benefits and privileges. Canadian government has launched over 60 immigration programs that pave way to get Canada permanent residency.

Different Pathways to Obtain Canada Permanent Residency:

The following are the different Canada immigration programs through which applicants can get Canada permanent residency. 

Federal skilled worker program:

Individuals should get 67 points as a minimum pass mark with at least one year of work experience in any of the 29 professions and must hold a valid employment offer in a skilled position from Canadian employer in order to migrate to Canada under this Canada federal skilled worker program

Quebec Skilled Worker Category:

In this Canada Quebec Skilled Worker program individuals are selected by the Quebec government to reside and work in Canadian province of Quebec, depending on the points evaluation of their qualifications. 

Canadian Experience Class:

Under this Canadian Experience Class program, individuals with recent Canadian work experience or if they recently worked or studied in Canada can migrate to Canada by applying for Canada permanent residency.

Provincial nominees:

In this skilled immigration program Canada’s provinces and territories can nominate foreign nationals for Canada permanent residency, according to their criteria.

Family Sponsorship:

This Canada Family Sponsorship program is for family members of the main applicant. The primary applicant can sponsor their spouse, children and parents for Canada permanent residency.

These programs provide a gateway to apply for Canada permanent resident card.

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