Canadian Family Immigration through Family Class Sponsorship 0

Canada family based immigration

Canada family based immigration

Canada family based immigration

Under the Canada family based immigration scheme, Canada allows certain categories of relatives to be ‘sponsored’ by a permanent resident or citizen.

Canadian Family Immigration are broadly three categories of relatives who may be sponsored under FC. The first category of Canada family based immigration comprises of spouse, conjugal or common-law partner and/or dependent children. The second category comprises of parents and grandparents. The third category comprises of adopted children and some other relatives who are also eligible.

Canadian family immigration process:

can family imm process

Canada family immigration process

Canadian family immigration process involves sponsoring parents and grandparents to Canada also have its rules, regulations and obligations, etc. Thus, the applicant and the sponsored relative must sign an agreement of sponsorship that promises that the applicant will ensure and give financial aid for the applicant’s relative if required in the Canadian Family Immigration. This agreement also seeks a commitment/promise from the relative being sponsored that he/she will make every effort to be financially independent according to Canadian family immigration process.

Canada family immigration application:

canada family imm application

Canada family immigration application

According to Canada family immigration application, An applicant who is a green card holder or citizen of Canada can also sponsor his/her sister or brother or, nieces nephews or, grandsons or granddaughters who are orphaned, and who are below 18 years age-wise and are unmarried or not in a common-law relationship. He/she can also sponsor another relative of any age or relationship under some exacting conditions. He/she can also sponsor accompanying relatives of the above mentioned categories of relatives (i.e. his/her brother or sister, nephew or niece, granddaughter or grandson who are orphaned in Canada family immigration application.

All in all, the rules for FC (Family Class) are quite elaborate and the wait time is typically long for Canadian Family Immigration through this route.

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