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Students to Benefit Post Immigration Reforms at Canada 0

The Liberal government introduced numerous immigration reforms, since it assumed power in November 2015. Citizenship Laws, spousal visa processing times and other procedures related to immigration have been reformed. Canada Immigration Minister, John McCallum, who is active in promoting immigration, recently announced to bring major reforms which would remove barriers for international students. The new […]

Students to Benefit Post Immigration Reforms at Canada

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Golden Opportunity to Study in Canada 0

Canada provides you with a golden opportunity to study in a safe and friendly environment which will enable you to get an internationally recognised qualification. Moreover sports and academic scholarships are also available for foreign students at undergraduate levels. Study in Canada: In order to study in Canada you will need a study permit unless […]

A Quick Guidance for Those who Want to Study in Canada 0

Many students who choose to study in Canada, has got a chance to come across immensely diverse natural and cultural experiences of Canada. From its British Columbia’s ski slopes to prairie province of Manitoba and cities like Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto and not to forget the Quebec province for its tolerant, friendly and multicultural. Canada […]


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Students in Large Numbers are Coming to Study in Canada 0

There are almost 4,00,000 overseas students presently studying in Canada and the government of Canada is trying to see that the number gets double in short time. Every year Canada looks for the overseas students, as these students not only bring economic benefits for the country but also fulfill the requirement of skills they gained […]

All You Need to Know About Canada Student Visa 0

Every year around 1,30,000 foreign students visit Canada to pursue education. Any student who is looking to study in Canada should apply for the Canadian study permit. A Canadian study permit allows a foreign student to study in Canada for a limited period of time. This study permit also serves as a Canada student visa. […]

Canada Student Visa