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Work Visa of Hong Kong – Administrative Region: Hong Kong is an economically advanced, dynamic city-state situated in South China. It comprises a free, peaceful and open society, whose law and order, etc is good. Its economy is free-market driven, and it is also a trading hub. Many professionals are attracted to reside in that […]

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  Hong Kong is an advanced region and province which has its own administration, HKSAR (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region). It has an advanced economy, educational system, etc. The rules, regulations etc. governing entry as a student  for Hong Kong Student Visa into HKSAR are classified and determined depending upon the level, type, etc. of education […]

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A professionally resembling resume that distinctly details your talents and experience will represent an important part in both or not, you make that through the stage of the interview. Ideally your CV will be between 2-3 pages lengthy and cover the subsequent sections: Personal details Education and Qualifications Key Skills Profession History Hobbies & Interests […]

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Hong Kong has a very liberal and open immigration policy. Nationals of about 170 countries and territories are allowed totally visa-free visits to Hong Kong for periods ranging upto 180 days. Professionals and businessmen are welcome to work and invest in Hong Kong. While every effort is made to facilitate the entry of visitors and […]