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Tips for Malaysian Resume Writing 0

Objective in a resume What is your desired job and what are the qualifications, in addition to skills, required for that job? Have them in your memory as you draft your resume; therefore, the interviewer scanning it will recognize that you are a unique person for whom they were relating. Information Compiling List out your […]

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Hong Kong immigration Policy – in a nutshell 0

Hong Kong has a very liberal and open immigration policy. Nationals of about 170 countries and territories are allowed totally visa-free visits to Hong Kong for periods ranging upto 180 days. Professionals and businessmen are welcome to work and invest in Hong Kong. While every effort is made to facilitate the entry of visitors and […]


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Knowing some major points about “Work Permit” and “Green card” 0

When’ we plan to join some overseas job then we will get to learn that there are 2 typical words, the first one is “Work Permit” and the second one is “green card”. It is important for you learn about these two phrases in case you are willing to be the part of international employment […]

Immigration policy is not always about economy 2

What if a tree collapse in the forest and no one listen to the sound? That is one of the most entertaining stumper. What if immigration activists prevailing in a country have an argument and no one grasps it? That is something which is extremely serious. This is the current topic that attempts to question […]

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Top 10 reasons why the property market outlook is beneficial in Australia 2

Australia is extremely dense. The country is full of wealth and opportunities. The property market in Australia is highly beneficial. The value of home or investment property is fairly decent. The top 10 reasons are: 1. The country’s economy is in excellent shape. Australia’s economy is the envy for most of the developed nations. Australia […]

Immigration Minister says he will sympathetically look at the plea for grandmother to stay in Australia 1

Immigration Minister Mr. Tony Burke states he will look sympathetically at the request for an elderly woman to stay in Australia after an emotional plea from her family. The immigration officials have denied permanent residency for the 75 year-old Ms. Jean Goldblatt, who moved from South Africa to Perth to stay with her three children […]

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Senate approves immigration overhaul, focus shifts to House 0

The Senate on Thursday approved a sweeping immigration overhaul that would extend legal status to millions of undocumented immigrants while increasing border security, sending the bill to the House side where it faces a chilly reception. The vote caps weeks of bipartisan negotiations and hands President Obama, who has made immigration legislation the cornerstone of […]