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UAE Resume Format 0

The UAE resume normally consists of 6 distinct sections: Personal details – Mention the Contact Number and Email Id Date of Birth Nationality Marital Status Professional Summary Educational Qualifications – College or University Qualifications Employment History – Mention the dates, tenure, job title, and describe your duties, achievements and responsibilities with your prevailing job     first […]

UAE Resume Format

How to make a Unique resume

How to make the resumes hold out ? 0

One of the commonly asked questions by job seekers is “How to make the resumes hold out?” Display a Winning Personality: Your resume is not simply for highlighting your experiences. Use it to show your acquiring personality. Inject a bit of your personality and allow “you” to shine. The main important point is Do not […]

Resume Writing for International Platforms 0

Resume Writing: Resume is the most important tool in the job search, and everyone should know how to build their resume. Many don’t know the variation between a solid resume and an imperfect one. That could be a determining part in achieving  an interview for your ideal career. You would require uploading your resume for […]

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Improve Job search

Five Ways to Improve Job Search 0

It is not easy to find a job. Ironically enough, while earlier finding that perfect job was difficult because of lack of information or contacts, today, the same task is proving to be nearly impossible because of the range of choices and options available to us. There are many ways in which you can streamline […]