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Out-of-the-Box Jobs in South Africa 0

There is a shortage of certain skills in every country, right? Most of us have the qualifications for these jobs. South Africa decides to throw a curve ball and adds a few unusual ones on the list. 1. Space Weather Specialist Do you remember the storms on the surface of the sun wreaking havoc in […]

Out-of-the-Box Jobs in South Africa

South Africa critical skilled visa

Critical Skilled Visa for Successful Life in South Africa 0

The critical skilled visa is for those overseas and prospective candidates who are wishing to live and work in South Africa. This may be fine and great news that this Critical skilled visa saw a forward thinking way by the department of Home Affairs to draw the attention of much-needed skills to South Africa and […]

Perceive the Various Processes for South Africa Immigration 0

South Africa is becoming a very attractive destination each year as a numbers of people are migrating globally due to its astonishing quality of life and stable trade market. International citizens wishing to migrate to this country need to know the process of immigration and categories requirements etc.  The present blog gives you an outline […]

South Africa Immigration

South Africa Critical Skills Visa

South Africa Critical Skills Visa 0

South Africa is the 25th largest country in the world. It is a multiethnic society which boasts of people of various religions, cultures and languages. Geographically, it is located in the southernmost part of Africa with a large stretch of coast line of about 2,500 km. South Africa is unique in its ways as it […]

Basic Requirements for South Africa Quota Work Permit 0

Are you planning to work in South Africa? If you are an overseas national, you need to obtain a South Africa Work Visa to work in South Africa. South Africa has become an emerging destination for the immigrants seeking better career opportunities. The country is in need of abundant skills to plug the labor scarcity […]

South Africa Quota Work Permit

South African Business Visa

What Need to Know More About South African Business Visa ? 0

Work in South Africa : South Africa has always been supportive for foreign individuals to come and work or establish their own business in South Africa. Africa has always provided good opportunities for the people who visited Africa in terms of work or business. Then department of home affairs has amended few regulations in June […]

Indian Employees Among Most Contented 0

In an international survey conducted by GFK in alliance with Monster worldwide it is upshot  that one in five people in India adore his job to such a great extent that he would work for free. As per the survey report, India was placed third in international happiness rankings with 55% of employees in India […]

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Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations around the World 0

As people across India celebrate Gandhi Jayanti, MoreVisas takes a look at celebrations happening in other parts of the world. The Father of the Nation is honoured in many nations. MoreVisas is a premier visa consultancy in India, and as we work with immigrants at all stages in their journey, we’re well aware that travelling […]