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US Education Still a Top Choice of Students 0

The United States education is considered as the costliest in the international educational circuit. Despite being costliest, the United States do not grant visas easily. There is a stringent procedure of an interview at Embassies of the United States. There were cases where even after getting the visas, the students were still deported. This explains […]

Still US education is top choice of the Students

US Immigration Describes the Process of Immigrant Visa 0

Overseas citizens who seek to reside permanently in the US should first get an immigrant visa. This is the initial step for becoming a legal permanent resident. Migrating to the US is a key and difficult decision. There are many types of immigration visas that are made available by US immigration department, forms are required […]

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Knowing About E-1 and E-2 Visas Under US Immigration 0

The US stay among the most favorable nations around the globe as the immigration destination. US immigration has got more than 60 types of nonimmigrant visas. Two such visas are E-1 and E-2 visas. E Treaty visa is divided into two categories E-1 treaty traders and E-2 treaty investors. E-1 treaty trader visa is granted […]

US Immigration

Alternatives to US H-1B Visa 0

H-1B visa is a non immigrant temporary work visa that permits employers to hire overseas professionals temporarily for those jobs that needs special skills like in IT, maths, engineering, architecture, social science, bio technology, physical science. Every year, US issues around 85,000 visas that includes 20,000 visas for individuals with degrees of advanced category from […]

Alternatives to US H-1B visa

Foreign Students are Allowed to Work Under US Work Study Program 0

Many universities and colleges in the US provide the facility of working while pursuing education through its US Work Study Program. Foreign students who are studying in the US on its F-1 visa under the STEM related fields from any accredited institution or university are allowed to work for the period of three years under […]

us Work Study Program

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Foreign Professionals can Migrate to US with Various Options Available 0

Employers in the US often look towards foreign professionals for filling their highly qualified positions. Likewise, overseas employees often look at a job based position in the US for conducting either business affair or gaining access to migrate to US for a temporary period of time. The individuals would require to be accepted for the […]