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Denmark Tourist Visa - How do I apply?

Denmark Tourist VisaIf you are planning to visit Denmark as a tourist there is a requirement for you to have a visa to cover a period of up to 90 days. Your application will be handled by an outsourcing company called VFS Global but the ultimate decision on issue of visas is made by the Danish Visa Application Centre in either New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai or Kolkata. Before applying you should note that the following points must be adhered to by all applicants for Denmark tourist visa:

  • You must have a passport with at least three months validity from the date of arrival back in India and one that has been issued within the previous ten years. Please be aware that The Embassy of Denmark does not accept additional pages inserted into passports. If you do not have two blank pages to which a Denmark tourist visa can be affixed, a new passport must be obtained before submitting your application.
  • Relevant Form & Photograph - a fully completed application form for a Denmark tourist Visa with two original passport size photographs [NB: digital photographs not acceptable]
  • Children under 18 travelling without one or both parents or without a legal guardian must provide an affidavit for travel signed by both parents or by the parent or legal guardian not travelling and also a copy of passport’s 1st and last page of parent.
  • Please carry original documents at the time of submission and submit only photocopies of all documents, as we do not guarantee the return of any original documents. However, note that we reserve the right to request the original of any document provided at any point during Denmark tourist visa processing.
  • English translations must accompany the documents not originally in English.
  • You cannot apply for Denmark tourist visa more than three months ahead of your planned visit.
The application form for a tourist visa of Denmark can be downloaded from the VFS Global website. Once completed the application should be processed by VFS within 16 working days and a visa then considered and issued shortly after that by the Danish government office as mentioned at the beginning of this article. An important consideration should you be thinking of taking a trip to Denmark as a tourist is the issue of travel and medical insurance to cover the full time of their intended visit. The insurance must be valid throughout Denmark to a value of at least EUR 30,000. The insurance has to cover any expenses, which might arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical attention and/or emergency hospital treatment or death. As a general rule, insurance should be taken out before you depart from India.

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