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Life will surely get easier for all those people who have to visit Denmark frequently for the purpose of business or any kind of work. This is because the Red Carpet Program of Denmark has made this decision and they seem to have worked quite hard on it as it shall be fulfilling your purpose as well as help their aspects as well. Their main purpose lies in providing assistance to all those companies that have business relations with any kind of Danish companies or any other organizations. [caption id="attachment_2044" align="alignleft" width="346"]Danish Schengen Visa Danish Schengen Visa[/caption] For any company to be a part of this offer they have to be eligible for the program and that can be done only if they can fulfill the eligibility criteria that you can find at the website of the Danish embassy. If the companies and organizations, both private and public, are interested in this, then they have to be eligible and then apply for this program which has proved to be pretty effective. There are certain benefits to the Red Carpet Program or the RCP which includes noapplication personally, there will be no appointments required, and you can have visas with multiple entries for a minimum of one year. Along with that the documents required are also reduced by quite a margin, and the decision will be provided to you within a span of three working days altogether. So, considering the benefits and opportunities this program is not quite a bad bargain and you can also give this a try!  

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