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"Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen" is a line from a famous song and that description is so true! If you are looking for a place to live Denmark would be an excellent choice, the country recently coming top in the UN's grandly titled “Survey of Global Happiness” beating many other European destinations. It is a very "green" city, proof of that coming at the recent City Climate Leadership Awards Ceremony. The city won the City Climate Leadership prize and took top honors in 'Carbon Measurement and Planning', being praised for its implementation of an ambition climate plan. This is the kind of place where it is possible to achieve a perfect work/life balance. The Danes set great store by the idea that it is good to be home in the evenings for family meals, to spend quality time with your children and to generally enjoy home life. The following are some of the widely recognized advantages of living in Copenhagen:

  • Childcare – it is heavily subsidized, encouraging all parents to work short working days, thus ensuring plenty of family time.
  • The health service – it is relatively easy to get same-day appointments with your family doctor and wonderfully efficient hospitals.
  • A compact capital – Copenhagen is a small city and is very cycle-friendly. You can get around the city in no more than twenty minutes by bike.
  • The look of the city – bold, contemporary architecture is everywhere alongside elegant and gorgeous designed buildings and city features
  • Outside spaces – lovely green parks with communal barbecue areas, city beaches, strings of lakes and glistening clean harbours – plus there's always a playground within walking distance
[caption id="attachment_998" align="alignleft" width="300"]Live in Denmark Live in Denmark[/caption] Walking around Copenhagen is a delight with a historic, cobbled centre including the longest pedestrianised shopping street in the whole of Europe. There are ancient churches, palaces and government buildings, but alongside this you will find striking modern design which fits in very well with the older parts of the city. Winter weather can be very cold and it is a good idea to invest in warm and comfy snow boots but the Danes embrace the dark days of winter. Candles are everywhere, in homes and shops, helping to generate a cosy atmosphere. This small country has certainly embraced the entrepreneurial spirit, evidenced by the plethora of independent shops and cafes that are everywhere. You will find it difficult to locate the famous names like Starbucks – you might find one at the airport! Once a fairly inward looking city, Copenhagen is becoming more and more popular with migrating peoples from many nations and cultures and the city is changing along with this influx. The attraction is probably its quirkiness – it is a different city, non-standard if you like. It is a very safe city to move around at night and most people will appreciate the security and conformity that seems to be the norm in Copenhagen.
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