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Denmark Work Permit:

[caption id="attachment_2274" align="alignleft" width="400"]Denmark Work Permit Denmark Work Permit[/caption] To reside and work in Denmark, a national who is not an EU National must obtain a residence and Denmark Work Permit first, based on his or her qualifications. But, it is also true that if the foreign national is in Demark based on grounds of reunification with the rest of the family members, or has a permit for residing in Denmark on grounds such as mercy pleas (i.e. humanitarian related), he/she does not need a Denmark Work Permit to undertake work in Denmark.

Work permit for Denmark:

There are different types of schemes which enable an alien to take up Work permit for Denmark. Work permit for Denmark types of schemes are ‘Danish Green card scheme’, Denmark’s ‘Positive List’, Denmark’s ‘Pay Limit Scheme’, Denmark’s ‘corporate scheme’, and also in an exceptional case, that of having been denied an application for asylum or family unification, but having worked in a job or run a business in the past for a long or extended period of time (a very stringent and elaborate requirement for being granted a Denmark Work Permit  on these grounds).

Denmark Work Permit Rules:

Under the green card scheme, an applicant is issued a residence and Denmark work permit and this is done on the basis of individual evaluation on a point’s scheme. If the applicant is granted a residence permit under this scheme, he or she is not does not need to have a Denmark Work Permit to carry on work. However, a green card holder cannot start his/her own business or venture, etc. In the ‘green card’ scheme, an applicant has to obtain a minimum number of 100 points on a set of Denmark Work Permit  rules including educational attainment, language abilities, number of years worked, nature of work, etc., ability to adapt, and the applicant’s age. There are some other conditions that an applicant must meet before he/she is allotted the green card and these include having health insurance coverage for the applicant and his/her family, the need to demonstrate that the applicant has enough funds to support himself/herself and his/her family, etc.

Denmark work permit requirements:

[caption id="attachment_2275" align="alignright" width="400"]Denmark immigration Denmark immigration[/caption] Denmark work permit is also available for those whose profession is on the ‘positive list’. Some examples of professions/occupations that are on the latest positive list are engineers, doctors, IT people, people in the building and construction industry, etc. The pay limit scheme is also another scheme under which an applicant gets a residence and work permit if he/she has been offered a highly paid job/position. There are no additional Denmark work permit requirements to be met as regards education, profession, or the exact nature of the job under this scheme (pay limit scheme). Denmark work permit requirements have applicant’s position’s pay should also exceed a gross annual pay of DKK 375,000. This amount is the absolute minimum amount. The applicant must also possess a written job offer for the position on offer which clearly states salary and employment conditions. These conditions must match up to Denmark Work Permit standards.

Denmark Work Permit Process:

[caption id="attachment_2276" align="alignleft" width="360"]Denmark work permit rules Denmark work permit rules[/caption] Denmark’s corporate scheme is another residence and Denmark work permit process permit scheme which allows a corporate worker from a corporate’s foreign branch office to obtain a ‘corporate residential permit’ in Denmark. Within the validity period of the permit, the corporate worker/employee can work in Denmark or abroad at any time (which is not permissible with other types of work permits) without the work permit becoming invalid.

 Denmark work permit for Indians:

It is also a fact that to obtain a corporate residence permit, both the company and the individual must meet some strict requirements for Denmark work permit for Indians. These include for example, documentation that the applicant is employed full-time in the foreign department of the company or corporation at the time of application, the Danish company employee count must exceed 10 employees and more, etc for Denmark work permit for Indians. For more details please fill  More Visas quick enquiry form.

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