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Denmark Green card1Denmark is one of the most populous nations in the world for prospective immigrants. The country is known for its greenery, eco-friendly lifestyle, good work-life balance, and low crime rate. All these aspects made Denmark, the happiest country in the world. Denmark has designed many schemes to facilitate the movement of skilled workers into the country. Out of all these schemes, Denmark Green Card is the mostly preferred by skilled workers.

Denmark Green Card

Denmark Green Card is for individuals who wish to search for work in Denmark. A work and residence work permit will be allowed to the individuals who qualify under Denmark Green card scheme. If you obtain a residence visa under Denmark Green card scheme, you are not required to acquire a work permit. Denmark Green Card holders can work in the country either on paid or unpaid basis.

Benefits of Danish Green Card Holder

  • Without showing a visa, we can travel all the nations of Schengen Zone.
  • Will g the capacity to apply for PR, if you satisfy certain conditions
  • Furthermore, your relatives can live, work full time and study in Denmark.

Requirements of Danish Green Card

  • Valid Passport
  • Submit Educational certificates
  • Work Experience documents
  • Language Proficiency
  • Sufficient funds
  • Health insurance

The Duration of the Green card Scheme can be affirmed up to 2 years and expansion will be up to 3 years. With a specific end goal, to get ensured in Denmark Green card Scheme you have to acquire no less than 100 score points. A candidate ought to have a medical certificate along with it.

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