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Denmark Green Card Scheme Points Calculator:

points-calculatorDenmark green card scheme points calculator are awarded for the applicant’s educational level. At the least, the applicant’s educational degree/level must be a Danish bachelor’s degree or equivalent. And also, the assessment of an applicant’s educational qualification is done by an agency of Denmark, the Danish Agency for Universities and Internationalization for Denmark Green Card Points Calculator. Additional degrees which are more than a Bachelor’s earn more points for the applicant. Thus while a Bachelor’s degree earns just 30 points, a Bachelor’s degree and a one year’s Master’s degree get the applicant 50 points. And, a full-fledged Master’s degree gets the applicant to the Denmark green card points calculator as  60 points, and so on.  

Denmark Green Card Points Calculator 2014:

denmark-flagThere is the language criterion in Denmark green card points calculator 2014 , which awards points to the applicant based upon his/her proficiency in a set of languages. Thus, if the applicant is proficient in one or more of English or German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, at a level which corresponds at the minimum to the Danish Language Test, Level 1, he/she is given Denmark green card points calculator 2014. But, the applicant to the Danish Green Card can receive points for one Scandinavian language and for either of English or German. Also, an applicant for Denmark green card scheme must note that language proficiency is gauged and assessed according to or on the basis of only some standard international tests.

Denmark Green Card Calculator:

Denmark green card points calculator applicant’s work experience gets him/her points based on the time duration (i.e. time period) he/she has worked within the last five years, as a scientist, etc. or in a field/area/subject where Denmark Green card  is presently experiencing a dearth/scarcity of qualified professionals. And, the applicant to Denmark green card scheme obtains points based on the number of years (more the number of years, more the number of points) of work experience in these professions listed in the ‘positive list’ as per Denmark green card points calculator. Also want to go through Denmark green card points calculator process please fill our Quick Enquiry form, one of our executive will approach  you or call us on our Toll free Number: 1800-2000-144. For more updates catch us on Morevisas Facebook Official page.

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