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Denmark Immigration has Got System of Work Permit for Skilled Employees

Denmark_immigrationDenmark is among other EU nations which are trying to hire skilled employees from across the globe. Denmark immigration has got system of work permit which is also known as Positive List Scheme for individuals who have got a legitimate offer of employment from an employer in Denmark.

Denmark has got many occupations for which they are facing shortage of qualified employees, which is why Denmark Immigration is maintaining a long list of occupations that are currently facing shortage of employees on the Positive List, you could get a job and residence permit quickly under Positive List Scheme.

Positive List Scheme

Job and residence permits could be availed for the period of three years under Scheme of Positive List with the probability of extension for the period of four years. This list contains many fields like IT, healthcare, Management, Telecommunications, Construction, Education, Sales and Marketing, Hotel, Doctors, Lawyers etc. You could still reside and work in Denmark under this scheme if your occupation is not there in the list when you had applied for extension towards your work and residence permit.

If you got work and residence permit under this list, your spouse is entitled for residence permit. Any kid below 18 years of age is also entitled for residence permit. Your spouse can work for entire duration of her residence permit.

Pay Limit Scheme

If you got highly paid offer of employment in the country, then Denmark immigration offers you work and residence permit quickly. And there is no eligibility criteria that applies to the candidate.

To qualify for work and residence permit under this scheme, the applicant should be offered a job by employer in Denmark. Permits for work and residence are issued for three years under this scheme with the probability of extending up to four years.

Your spouse and children below 18 years of age are entitled for residence permits. Your spouse can work for whole period of her residence permit.

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