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Denmark Immigration Requirements To Be Met?
Posted on: 04 May 2015  |   Tags: Denmark , Denmark Immigration , Green Card , Visa ,

Denmark Immigration RequirementsHave plans to migrate to Denmark? Do you know Denmark Immigration requirements? Well, do not panic.  You are at the right place, where you will be able to find complete details of the immigration process for your dream destination.

Denmark is relatively a small nation with low population and ample job opportunities. The Nordic nation is a hot immigration destination and thanks to its sound economy and laid back lifestyle. The country has so much to offer to the immigrants and thus, it welcomes overseas nationals to migrate as well as work.

Why to Migrate?

The following are the some of the reasons for immigration:

  • Plethora of job opportunities 
  • Safe country to live
  • Thriving economy 
  • Reputed education system
  • Better public services 
  • Quality life style

Greencard Perfect Option to Migrate to Denmark

Individuals, who would like to explore the better career opportunities in the Nordic nation, must obtain a Danish Green Card which is basically a point’s based system. Under this Greencard scheme, individuals are allotted points based on the personal and professional factors. This card enables skilled immigrants to reside as well as work in the nation for a period up to two years, and before the end of visa validity, individuals can extend their visa for an additional three years. 

Amendments in Danish Greencard point's calculator system

Effective from 1 January 2015, Nordic nation has made few amendments to the scheme by introducing a special version of the Greencard scheme for international students. Unlike the previous scheme, as per the new reforms, points will be awarded based on the three factors such as Education level, language skills and adaptability. 

Denmark Immigration Requirements

The following are the basic requirements for Danish immigration:

  • Applicants should score at least 100 points in the points test 
  • Must have sufficient funds to survive in the Nordic nation during their first year of stay in the Danish
  • Must get a full health insurance cover for themselves and their accompanying family members
  • Must earn at least DKK 50,000 during their initial year 

Have a look at the aforesaid requirements and understand, in order to implement them while lodging the application for Danish Green card.

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