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Denmark Permanent Residence:

Denmark Permanent ResidenceDenmark is an economically advanced and vibrant country with high standards of living. It is also a peaceful country and welcoming of outsiders. If one is highly qualified or educated, or otherwise suitable to obtain a residence permit or work permit of Denmark, then the chances are good that one can reside and live in that country legally. Going one step further, an applicant can also apply for Denmark permanent residence, which allows the successful applicant to stay in Denmark indefinitely, provided of course he/she meets some stringent criteria.

Denmark Permanent Residence Requirements:

Denmark Permanent Residence RequirementsDenmark Permanent residence visa or status of Denmark is awarded to those applicants who satisfy some conditions. These conditions are as follows. The Denmark permanent residence visa applicant must or should still qualify for temporary residence. The age of the applicant should be 18 years or above. The applicant must have also resided/lived in Denmark legally for at least 5 years. He or she should not have any kind of criminal record. He or she must also not have any kind of public debt. The applicant must also not have received certain kinds of public benefits for a period of three years prior to the applicant applying for PR visa or while it is is being processed. The applicant must also have submitted a ‘signed declaration of integration and citizenship’ in Denmark. The applicant must also have passed ‘Danish language test 1’, or a Danish language test which is equivalent or of a higher level. He or she must have held a regular full-time employment and/or be enrolled in a educational program for at least 3 of the 5 years prior to submitting the application for Denmark permanent residence. The aforesaid rules do not hold for certain categories of persons such as EU residents, Denmark asylum holders or refugees, or pensioners or early pensioners, etc.

Denmark Permanent Residence from India:

Denmark Permanent Residence from IndiaFor those from India, too, the rule that states that ‘an applicant must have also resided/lived in Denmark legally for at least 5 years’, applies. And also, most Indians would be in Denmark holding a residence permit by virtue of being a ‘student’ or a ‘worker’. So also, those applicants from India seeking to migrate to Denmark through PR and therefore applying for a Denmark permanent residence permit should fill in and complete an application for extension of his/her current residence permit or send in a new application for a temporary residence permit. This is applicable even for those applicants (of/from India, or otherwise, too) whose temporary residency permits are set to expire at a later date.

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