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Studying in Denmark:

Studying in Denmark is an attractive proposition as the quality of education is on par with world standards and the country has much else to offer in terms of quality of life, culture, entertainment, touristy type attractions, etc. Denmark’s universities and their standards of higher education have attained great reputation and repute. It is for all of these reasons that Denmark’s universities are beginning to see a rise in the number of foreign applicants.

Student visa for Denmark:

Student visa for Denmark Denmark’s educational programs on offer for aliens have been broadly divided into three types and these are higher educational programs, basic and youth study programs and folk high school programs. But, if an alien would like to study in any of these educational program, he/she must find a suitable place for study by himself/herself (there are also institutions, where the courses are taught in English only). This task cannot of course be fulfilled by the authorities. Once a student applicant has chosen, applied and received admission in any educational institution of his choice, a student applicant can then apply for a Student visa for Denmark and a residence permit which allows him/her to live in that place and to study in the educational institution where he/she has been granted admission.

Process of Student Visa for Denmark:

student visa process for Denmark Citizens who are not from Denmark and who do not possess a Danish qualification can apply for admission if their academic credentials and certifications are recognised as being equivalent to Danish qualifications. An official pre-assessment of an applicant’s qualifications can be done online at http://fivu.dk/recognition. The brief assessment evaluates whether an applicant’s qualifications match those in/of Denmark and will improve the chances of an applicant’s application. The assessment serves only as a guideline since the individual institution in Denmark is responsible for its own admissions. The educational institute to which an applicant is seeking admission in, in Denmark will need certified copies of his/her educational qualifications. In addition, there are more requirements which are typical requirements such as test scores, etc. The institution to which an applicant submits his/her applications is responsible for granting admission to the course applied by the applicant.

Student visa Application for Denmark:

student visa application for Denmark After the admission is granted by the concerned educational institution to the applicant, the relevant authority in the immigration department ought to be contacted and the submission of documentation for the Denmark Student visa done. Then, the process for visa processing can be commenced. If the concerned visa granting authority is satisfied that the application is genuine and satisfies all the relevant requirements for the Denmark student visa, the visa is formally granted and issued to the applicant.

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