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Denmark Work Permit SchemesAre you willing to relocate to Denmark? If yes, you need to apply for Danish visa in prior to your entry to Denmark. Denmark offers a number of career opportunities for the overseas nationals. People from various nations across the world enter Denmark for various purposes such as education, employment, sightseeing and others. Danish Government has introduced various types of Denmark visas for overseas citizens based on their purpose of travel to the country. Thus, individuals need to apply for Danish visa based on their purpose of visit to Denmark.

Denmark Visa Information:

If people would like to visit Denmark for short term periods, such as business trips, sightseeing or visiting friends or family members they should obtain a Schengen visa, which enables the applicants to travel throughout the Denmark for a period up to 90 days within six months. However, in order to obtain this visa it is necessary to meet Denmark visa requirements. If people would like to reside and work in Denmark they need to obtain a residence permit and Work permits of Denmark.

Work Permits of Denmark:

A foreign national or non-EU national need to acquire a work permits of Denmark in order to work and reside in the country. Individuals with certain skills that are in need of Danish employers can apply for Denmark work permit, i.e. applicant must be enough capable to plug the available vacant position which can’t be plugged by the Danish citizen. The Denmark Government has introduced various Danish immigration schemes in order to make it simpler for the overseas individuals to get work permits to Denmark.

Denmark Work Permit Schemes:

The Positive List:

This scheme includes professions and jobs which face labor scarcities. If individuals have been given an opportunity which is listed on the Positive List, then they can precisely apply for Denmark work permit.  

The Pay Limit:

This scheme is applicable for the individuals who could expect a pay over a certain limit.

The Corporate Scheme:

This scheme enables individuals to simply transfer them to a branch of their firm located in the Denmark. 

Denmark Green Card:

This scheme enables overseas skilled professionals to reside and work in Denmark for a period of three years. Therefore, these are the some of the work permit schemes of Denmark. The Denmark visa requirements vary for each scheme. However, applicants must fulfill necessary Denmark visa requirements in order to acquire a Denmark work permit under any of the Denmark immigration schemes. If you are willing to work in Denmark, fill out MoreVisas Enquiry Form, so that one of our visa executive will approach you.

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