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How to acquire Denmark student visa?

Denmark student visaDenmark is an appealing study destination for many foreign students now-a- days. Highly reputed educational institutions of the nation welcome students across the globe.

Students outside the regions of EU/EEA or Nordic countries willing to study in Denmark have to acquire a Denmark student visa in the form of a residence permit. Study program in Denmark is categorized into three types namely higher educational program, Basic and youth study program and folk high school program.

Students, who wish to acquire a Denmark student visa under any of the above three programs must meet a common requirement of supporting oneself financially throughout the stay in the country without seeking any public assistance or benefit payments. Besides, should be able to understand and speak the language of instruction with working knowledge of Danish, Swedish, English, Norwegian or German.

Denmark student visa Higher educational program

Students applying under higher educational program for Denmark student visa may require to complete upper secondary school or the equivalent. An individual has to document that he or she has been admitted for higher educational program which is accepted by state authority or publicly recognized educational institution.

Denmark student visa Basic and youth study programs

Students can be granted a Denmark student visa as a residence permit with the purpose of pursuing Basic and youth study programs by documenting below requirements:

  • Enrolled in Basic or youth study program, which is offered by a publicly recognized educational institution or an authority of the state
  • Approval of the parent or guardian and guarantee that the place of study will help in providing proper conditions of study and residence in case the age of the student is within 18 years.

Denmark student visa Folk high schools:

Applicants under Folk high schools will be granted a Denmark student visa by documenting following:

  • Enrolment in a course at folk high school or similar that has gained the acceptance of the state authority. Head of the school has to state that the course pursued by the student is qualified for state subsidies or not. If the course is not qualified then the school has to attach a declaration regarding the course from publicly recognized educational institution.
  • Should have paid required fees.

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