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Denmark Residence PermitDenmark as a country is one of the leading immigration destinations. It has a lot of options for students from abroad who wish to study in its best educational institutions and gain knowledge to expand their horizons. The students who do not hold a passport from an EU nation should apply for a Denmark Residence Permit. However, if you have visa free status, then you will enter as a tourist and need to apply for a Denmark Residence Permit. If you are not exempted from holding a visa for the country, you should apply for the same.

Immigration to Denmark paves way to permanent residence under the green card scheme. As an overseas student one can live in this safe and secure country and enjoy the benefits it offers to international students who migrate here by getting a Denmark Residence Permit to acquire world-class degrees taught by academically qualified faculty and staff.

Denmark Residence Permit:

A Denmark Residence Permit legalizes your stay in the country. It allows you to enter and leave the country but you will need to furnish it before the customs if asked for proof of whether you have the rights to come back to Denmark or not. Immigration to Denmark thus helps you in easy passage into and out of the country because you hold a Denmark Residence Permit.

Denmark Green Card:

In order to get a Denmark green card you should be able to meet a set of criteria. The following are the requirements that one should fulfill as stated below:-

  • Must be enrolled in a higher educational program that is either approved by the state authority or which has received public accreditation from an educational institution.
  • Should be able to support yourself during the entire duration of your stay in Denmark. In a nutshell, should be self sufficient.
  • Should be able to speak and understand the medium of instruction and must be knowledgeable in any of these languages that are Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, German or English.

Denmark immigration is now possible under the Denmark green card scheme and offers you a chance of applying for a permanent residence of Denmark.

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