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Denmark Corporate SchemeDenmark is a land of opportunities which holds a promising future for individuals wanting to enhance their career abroad. If you are working for a company that has branches in Denmark, you are eligible to qualify for Denmark corporate scheme. If you have special skills and qualifications, you can be transferred from the company’s foreign department to Denmark. You can then engage in work that is innovative or educational in nature or work on a project.

A corporate residence permit becomes obsolete once you give up residing in Denmark or if your stay outside Denmark has been for more than six months. If you have a Danish residence permit based on family reunification, humanitarian grounds or asylum, you do not require a Denmark work permit. In case of illegally working in the country, you stand chances of deportation and you and your employer risk the chance of fine or even imprisonment.

Conditions that Need to be Met for a Denmark Corporate Scheme:

In order to obtain Denmark corporate scheme, a number of conditions should be fulfilled. Most of these are related to the company and its status. It is therefore, best if the company which is to hire you, must obtain a corporal approval before a Denmark residence and work permit can be granted to you.

The company must meet the following conditions:-

  • The company must be part of an international corporation that has a  foreign subsidiary or sister concern
  • The Danish company should have at least 10 employees
  • The company’s general salary structure and employment conditions must meet the Danish work standards
  • The Danish company should not be involved in a legal labor dispute
  • The number of foreign employees with a work permit under the Denmark Corporate scheme should not exceed the total number of employees
  • A corporate approval is valid for three years after which it can be renewed by fulfillment of the above conditions

Apply to Denmark Corporate Residence Permits:

In order to stay in Denmark and work here under the Denmark corporate scheme, you should have these prerequisites:-

  • You must be a full-time employee in the foreign department of the company. Temporary workers and substitutes are not eligible
  • The work you are involved in during your stay in Denmark should be innovative or educational or should be related to some project
  • While working in Denmark, you must meet the salary and employment conditions according to Danish standards

In order to start working for the Danish company, you have to first receive the corporate residence permit and ensure that your stay in Denmark is an enriching experience.

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