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Overview of Denmark Immigration and its Visa Options
Posted on: 13 May 2015  |   Tags: danish visa , Denmark , Green Card , Immigration , Visa ,

Denmark Immigration and its Visa OptionsDenmark is a happiest nation that is surrounded by lush green forests, modern amenities, and stunning landscapes have almost everything that one desires to lead a happy life.  Every year, thousands of individuals from across the globe flock to this modern nation in search of better career and employment prospects that would give them an opportunity to face the challenges and explore their skills and abilities. 

Why Immigrate to Denmark?

A good standard of living, excellent business climate, and well-balanced work-life as well as a family makes most overseas individuals prefer Denmark for working and living. In general, there are many Denmark visa options for an overseas applicant planning to study, work or live. A skilled worker who possess special skills and, qualifications and have a strong wish to work for the nation’s economy can make use of the work permit option to fulfill their career aspirations.

Special Schemes of Denmark 

There are diversified ranges of Denmark visa schemes that are being designed to make the immigration process of skilled workers much easier to get their work and residence permit. 

The Greencard Scheme: This is mainly applicable for highly skilled and qualified workers to seek work and later work in Denmark.
The positive list: This is a list of occupations where the country is currently experiencing the shortage of skilled workers. Applicants who have been given an opportunity to work in any of these professions and have completed their required education can easily get access in the labor market of the nation.
Fast-track Scheme: This scheme permits certified and approved companies to hire the foreign professionals who are suitable for their job. And the resident permit under this scheme is depends entirely upon the company in their dream country that is being approved by the Danish Agency for Labor-Market and Recruitment.

The Pay Limit Scheme: This is valid for applicants who have been allotted with a job with an annual pay of more than a certain limit. 
The Start-up Scheme: This special plan lets an entrepreneur to run company in their dream country. Whatever may be your choice of Denmark visa, he or she is recommended to meet the minimum eligibility criteria of the nation.

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