Strong Work-Life Balance – The Danish Way – Part 1 0

Denmark Flag

Denmark Flag

Denmark prides itself on having a strong work-life balance. The Danish welfare model, with its adjustable working conditions and social support systems, covering maternity leave and childcare amenities, not only sets Denmark at the top of the world equality league table but also offers to a usually high standard of living.

Today, work-life balance has become a discussion about how much we concede work to consume us. Yet many nations are now trying to follow the Danish quality of life and usually high standard of living.

Job in Denmark
In current years, Denmark has dragged attraction of foreign labour to a large number of businesses. Denmark assumes that, in the approaching years, there will be an increasing need for foreign labour.

Employment contract
Corresponding to the law by which companies are required to inform workers on the circumstances of employment, employees in Denmark have right to work agreement if:

  • The period of profession remains for at least one month.
  • The working hours exceed longer than 8 hours per week on par.

Working hours
The official working week in Denmark, is 37 hours, which is divided over 5 days. The original working hours are Monday-Friday from 06:00 – 18:00. Refreshment breaks like lunch are 30 minutes long. Lunch breaks are paid as regular working hours in the public sector, whereas maximum private employees pay for lunch breaks themselves. Yet, this differs from workplace to workplace.

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